Core Service: Visual Assessment


  • Evaluate the durability or remaining life of a structure and its remediation requirements
  • Identify the cause of failure or deterioration
  • Determine the visual condition of a structure
  • Map the extent and severity of visual defects such as spalling, scaling, efflorescence, cracking, delamination, patching and rust staining


Dimensions of the structure are measured using a tape measure. The walls and slabs are sketched to scale and gridded before an NDT investigation and this is used to record any surface defects including crack widths, location and extent of defects. Any relevant photographs are taken. Tap testing is also used to locate any delaminated areas. Inspect of joint seals are undertaken to identify defects, signs of leakage, failure or movement. This information is used to evaluate the impact these defects have on the durability of the structure.

Data Analysis & Presentation

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GBG investigates a wide range of structures from historically significant buildings to small private residences.

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