Innovation in structural engineering

The ability to carry out inspection and gain information without risk or hazard to the occupants, without damage to the fabric and without closing down production is achieved by selecting from a range of instrumental techniques available to probe and interrogate the interior of structures. Finding the right instrument is always a balance between the information required and the needs and difficulties of the site.

The principal methodologies used are systems based electro-magnetic, acoustic and visual techniques: each of these is used according to the best practices and industry guidelines, but the full benefit comes from cross analysis between methods, correlated with engineering drawings and any other anecdotal or historical information that is available.

GBG is constantly innovating in the application and expansion of these techniques, seeking solutions to seemingly unsurmountable problems to answer the most challenging of engineering questions.

Forensic Engineering

GBG has decades of experience in Forensic Engineering and is skilled in most techniques. We have staff who are ACRA-accredited concrete repairers. Our investigation engineers are skilled in drafting in CAD to give you comprehensive drawings of the internal composition of concrete structures, or the dimensions of timber elements.

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Geophysics Methods

GBG has over 50 years combined near surface geophysics knowledge throughout the world and can supply pre-feasibility, feasibility, construction, investigation, reporting or review advice. GBG is proud to be working with many clients throughout the globe.

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Featured Work

GBG investigates a wide range of structures from historically significant buildings to small private residences.