Core Service: Thermal Imaging


  • Detect anomalies in structures such as loss of insulation, wiring faults, hidden moisture and voiding as well as damaged waterproofing


Thermal imaging records the intensity of infrared (black body( radiation and corresponding relative temperature across a surface. For a homogenous material, the heat transfer through the material is uniform and therefore has a uniform surface temperature. The presence of anomalies within an object will alter the flow of heat through the material resulting in variations in the surface temperature.

This technique is especially useful in the detection of voids which consist mainly of air, as it typically has a lower thermal conductivity relative to its surrounding material. As such during heating or cooling cycles, voids just below the surface result in faster surface temperature changes than for the surrounding material. This creates a temperature anomaly when viewed through a thermal camera.

Data Analysis & Presentation

Optical and thermograhic image of a wall

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